Taste the Best

Taste our passion for food and culinary innovations in our pizzas. We are making Corona our home base and inviting you to experience the unique fusion of flavors with true Italian way of making pizza, in the brick oven. Our goal is to tantalize your taste buds with our specialty pizzas made with fresh, authentic and top-shelf ingredients.

Our restaurant is a family-friendly environment where you can sit and enjoy the essence of Italy from half a world away. We serve up Italy's most immortal dishes, utilize the richest ingredients, and provide courteous, professional service so that our customers have the most fulfilling experience possible. We can promise that once you taste FuzePizza's delicious pizzas, you'll want to come back and visit us all the time.

Our Story began years ago when my wife and I decided to go on a pizza tasting spree. Being foodies for years and after trying out several pizza joints, we realized that with the kind of recipes we had, we could offer BETTER pizza to pizza lovers in the neighborhood and beyond. This was the idea that led to the birth of FuzePizza.